Packing Day

I marked down all the training I did this year so I could track what I’d done, so far I’ve ridden 1,325, walked 137 and skated 63 miles but today is just for relaxing and getting packed up. Tomorrow is my launch day!!!

Training CalRelaxing


Planning the Route

Route PlanningReviewing and confirming the final routing with the help of Bella, my iPad and my trusty Adventure Cycling Association maps. The plan is to ride 30 miles each day and stick as close to the coast line as possible. How I see it right now, I’ll make it to Jenson Beach the 1st day, Vero Beach the next, and Melbourne the 3rd day. For those of you wondering how big my riding group is, welp….it’s just me….a group of 1! My sister is driving the SAG (support and gear) wagon with an extra bike and all the necessary supplies for being on the road.