Helmet Making Supplies

Tomorrow is packing day!!! Better grab a couple more cans of hairspray… It’s an important part of my gear you know! (scroll down if you haven’t seen the video)



Final Tuneup on Bla… Hey Look, a Basket Liner!

Basket LinerI rode my black bike over to the bike shop for a last minute tuneup tonight. I was going to take a photo while they had it up on the rack, but I got so distracted by this cute basket liner that I TOTALLY forgot. Umm… so look at this instead! Isn’t it cute?!

My Bikes

These are the bikes that I ride all the time, and they will both be coming on the trip with me. First up is my vintage, 1987 pink Schwinn, complete with tassels, bell, basket, cup holder, stickers, spoke bling, lights and a nice squishy seat. I like to call this my “6 year old girl’s dream bike”. Next is my much newer, black commuter bike. It too has a bell, basket, cup holder, lights and a squishy seat. I usually trade off riding between the two. Yep… these are the bikes I’m taking. Really.

Pink BikeBlack Bike

Gear & Safety

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my bikes and gear for the trip, but I have to be honest… I’m just not into all that specialized “riding” stuff. I don’t need it, and I don’t even like it. I’m just going to wear my regular clothes, ride my regular bikes, and throw my regular items in the front basket. Same as always. I’ve been riding this way my whole life (well since I was 5), and the only difference between this trip and my usual riding is that I’ll be continuing north for three weeks instead of looping home each night. As for safety, I think it’s more about being aware of your environment, knowing your limits and riding within those limits. I generally ride pretty slow, and stick to riding the quiet roads and sidewalks whenever possible.


I LOVE shoes… you might even say I have a slight shoe fetish. That being said, it should come as no surprise that I happen to think shoes are the most important accessory for any outfit, even a bike riding outfit! I hate the idea of having my feet bound up in a pair of tight shoes, my toes can’t breath, so I usually wear sandals. Hmm… choices, choices. I’ll just bring 2 or 3… or 14.   🙂