About the Ride

Peggy and BikeMy big goal in life is to live to be a healthy 100 and 1 day (any days past that I consider to be “free” since they’re outside my plan). With that goal in mind it got me to thinking about what I should do for my mid-life celebration as I turn 50 this year. My plan started taking shape last year as I celebrated my 49th birthday. While relaxing in our luxurious Miami hotel I wondered, “What could I do that would be totally memorable, not cost a lot of money and get me outside?”

I thought about how much I love to ride my bike and how inspired I was by reading stories of folks who had ridden their bikes across the US. Well, riding across the US seemed a bit daunting since that’s something like 3,000 miles, so I decided to make it a shorter long-distance ride. I have wanted to visit Charleston, SC for a long time, so I mapped the distance from my house and saw that it was just about 600 miles. Since that seemed doable to me, that was how my decision was made! I started training right away (with the amount of training I could squeeze in around work) and am feeling strong and ready for my launch on August 16th. I plan to do 30 miles every day for 3 weeks.


6 thoughts on “About the Ride

  1. Peggy, This is amazing!!!! Best of luck and I will be keeping up with your adventure.
    Be safe and have an incredible time. Take LOTS of pictures.


  2. Peggy is one of coolest and most wonderful person I know. I hired her to work for me when she 15 years old and has been like a second daughter to me ever since. Not many people think of taking a 600 mile bike ride for their 50th birthday “wonderful ” hope I am around for100th but fought it


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