Day 17

IMG_1504The past few days have had me spending all or most of the day riding along busy highways, so today I took a little detour. I didn’t exactly expect a dirt surface when I took a back road, but it was nice and smooth. It sort of reminded me of riding on the beach only with lots of trees surrounding me on both sides. The best part? I only had to share the road with one lonely car.

Accommodations were very challenging today, as there’s not much in the way of hotel selection in these parts. What looked like it could be a town on the map actually turned out to be a simple crossroad intersection with a single gas station….no lodging. My bike and I had to get shuttled to where we’re staying tonight, in the lovely town (not so much) of Walterboro. I’ll get shuttled back to where I left off to continue my ride in the morning. Tomorrow… it’s off to Charleston!!!

From: Beaufort, SC to Jacksonboro, SC
Today’s Miles: 37
Total Trip Miles: 618


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