Trip Stats & Credits

Ride Mileage Stats:

  • Total Riding Days: 17
  • Total Trip Miles: 655
  • Average Daily Miles: 38.5
  • Highest Mileage Day: 51
  • Lowest Mileage Day: 23

Other Ride Stats:

  • Days Riding in Rain: 1
  • Cups Destroyed & Replaced: 4
  • Bicycle Malfunctions: 0
  • Injuries: 0
  • Cans of Hairspray: 2

Things I learned:

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Watch out for spider webs
  • Take the scenic route
  • Go with the flow
  • Don’t be afraid to change your plans
  • Be bold
  • Wear non-bunching shorts
  • Hang onto your cup!

Favorite Lodgings:

  1. Horse Stamp Inn, Waverly GA
  2. Riverview Hotel & Spa, New Smyrna Beach FL
  3. Blue Heron Inn, Darien GA
  4. Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, Vero Beach FL

Audio & Video Production:

  • Primary Audio & Video Editor: Susi Sloan
  • Primary Photographer & Videographer: Peggy Fischer

Royalty Free Music Provided By:

The End!


Day 18

Feeling equally excited and sad, I peddled off toward Charleston for the final leg of my journey. Excited because I knew my goal destination was within easy reach, and sad knowing that upon arrival my biking trip would be over.

IMG_1439What started out in the morning as a nightmarish ride on highway 17, sharing the road (not on the shoulder, but the actual vehicle lane) with fast moving cars and trucks, quickly turned into a peaceful ride along quiet country roads. At one point the police had blockaded my route with their vehicles, lights flashing. I rode around the blockade (my inner rebel urging me on) and soon found out why the road was closed. There had been some resent heavy rains causing the roadways in the area to flood. I peddled on, riding through the flowing flood waters while a helicopter circled overhead. Looking down I watched tiny schools of fish dart through the spokes of my tire as it slowly churned through the water. It was a cool, refreshing part of the ride, and my tires and sandals benefitted by getting a good washing too! Soon I was riding the final few miles into Charleston down a bike path that alternated from gravel, to grass, to pavement. Then, the final push up and over the bridge and down into town – yay! I made it to Charleston!!!!  🙂

Thank you for following along in spirit with me via my blog. And, thanks for your encouraging comments, texts, and phone calls. And especially thanks to Susi and Chris who were the SAG drivers and brought me cold drinks and charged my phone when I ran dry out in the middle of nowhere. I will make one or two more posts with stats from my trip, and some sites around Charleston.

I’m ready to start planning my next adventure!

From: Jacksonboro, SC to Charleston, SC
Today’s Miles: 37
Total Trip Miles: 655

SAG Life

As the SAG (Support and Gear) driver, some people thought my sister Susi wouldn’t have much fun on this trip, but she begs to differ! Here is her perspective on things…

(I will be posting my final approach into Charleston tomorrow. Stay tuned!)

Day 17

IMG_1504The past few days have had me spending all or most of the day riding along busy highways, so today I took a little detour. I didn’t exactly expect a dirt surface when I took a back road, but it was nice and smooth. It sort of reminded me of riding on the beach only with lots of trees surrounding me on both sides. The best part? I only had to share the road with one lonely car.

Accommodations were very challenging today, as there’s not much in the way of hotel selection in these parts. What looked like it could be a town on the map actually turned out to be a simple crossroad intersection with a single gas station….no lodging. My bike and I had to get shuttled to where we’re staying tonight, in the lovely town (not so much) of Walterboro. I’ll get shuttled back to where I left off to continue my ride in the morning. Tomorrow… it’s off to Charleston!!!

From: Beaufort, SC to Jacksonboro, SC
Today’s Miles: 37
Total Trip Miles: 618