Day 16

Whew, today was the biggest riding day I’ve had on this trip so far… over 50 miles! Adding a few miles to the ride made it so we could stay in a nicer town, with nicer hotels. ūüėÉ

IMG_1480Half of my miles today were spent traveling along the side of what seemed like a freeway, where the cars and trucks twirled my tassels as they whipped by. The other half  had me peddling on nice, new (wide) bike trails that I shared with almost no one.

Crossing the state line from Georgia into South Carolina was a little more rewarding than the border between Florida and Georgia. At least there was a bigger welcome sign! So far, I think I like South Carolina better than Georgia.

IMG_1500On top of my long ride, we squeezed in another stimulating laundry session, pigged out on burgers and ice cream at Fat Patties, and topped the day off with a movie.

Only 88 miles left until Charleston!!

Some views from today…

From: Savannah, GA to Beaufort, SC
Today’s Miles: 51
Total Trip Miles: 581


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