Day 14

IMG_1431My rain jacket got fully tested in action today! I started out without it but only got 3 miles down the road before the rain downpour started. My sister had to come to my rescue to bring my jacket. The rain kept coming down the entire rest of the ride. So needless to say I didn’t really get any photos or shoot any video. I made it safely to Savannah though and feel deeply entrenched in the South now. It’s amazing how far north I had to peddle to get to the  “South”. Florida is definitely not part of the South in terms of culture. I found a really nice coffee shop called The Coffee Fox where I stopped to warm up with a mocha and a piece of quiche (ok, ok two mochas and two pieces of quiche). We did a bit of quick walking around and stumbled upon the DPR Hardin jobsite! My husband, Chris arrived here to spend some time with me, and tomorrow I am taking a day off to rest and do a bit of exploring around Savannah.

From: Richmond Hill, GA to Savannah, GA
Today’s Miles: 23
Total Trip Miles: 530


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