Day 13

IMG_1361Awoke at 4:30 this morning to crashing thunder and lightning so bright it lit up our whole room. However the storm cleared just in time for a fabulous sunrise and an on-time departure for me. With one last gaze at the beautiful view from our balcony and a send-off from Sassy I  peddled away toward Richmond Hill.

I waved to an elderly gentleman leaving the post office as he was observing my ride from across the street. He gave me a broad smile, a big wave and shouted out “may your way be fast and steady”. I thought that was a nice thing for him to say.

IMG_1417When I saw a sign reading ‘Smallest Church in America’ of course I had to go see it! Well it was small alright, it was downright tiny!! You all (y’all…since I’m in the south) know how I love tiny things. Not a thing was missing from this wee church, except a pastor and the congregation.

One good thing about riding in this area is all the big logging trucks. If they’re really close as they pass by me they give me a little wind boost from behind that lets me coast for a few seconds…ha ha…yikes!IMG_1423

Hungry after 40 plus miles of peddling, I felt like I could eat anything and everything in sight! After a large iced tea, a caesar salad and a big bowl of macaroni & cheese I felt like I was going to explode. A ‘food baby’, as Susi called it.

Some of my views today…

From: Darien, GA to Richmond Hill, GA
Today’s Miles: 42
Total Trip Miles: 507


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